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Journals and Publications of the SMS

The Strategic Management Society is proud to be involved in the publication of leading journals and innovative books which for more than 25 years have been vital tools for the benefit of researchers and practitioners in the field. 

Strategic Management Journal

The Strategic Management Journal (SMJ) has since its inception in 1980 been the official journal of the Strategic Management Society. It is published in 13 issues per year by Wiley. This A-class journal is consistently rated one of the top publications in the management area and publishes papers that are selected through a rigorous double-blind review process. The journal publishes research that is designed to appeal to strategy scholars, with implications within and across papers that are relevant for practicing managers.

Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

The Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (SEJ), founded in 2007, is targeted at publishing the most influential managerially-oriented entrepreneurship research in the world. It is a research journal that publishes original work recommended by a developmental, double-blind review process conducted by peer scholars. Strategic entrepreneurship involves innovation and subsequent changes which add value to society and which change societal life in ways that have significant, sustainable, and durable consequences.

Global Strategy Journal

The Global Strategy Journal (GSJ) is the leading journal on global strategic management research. This domain encompasses the strategic management, organization, and success of multinational organizations; the bidirectional interaction of the global business environment and organizational strategies; comparative strategies in different national settings; and the comparative effect of regional and national contexts on the strategies of domestic and multinational organizations. It publishes papers that offer innovative theoretical perspectives or provide tests of empirical relationships based on quantitative or qualitative analyses.