Frequently Asked Questions

Contact the SMS Office

Still have questions about your SMS Membership? Feel free to contact the SMS Office by email at

You may also wish to learn more about the Society on the About Us page. 

Become a Member

Join the Strategic Management Society by registering for membership today. Click below to view your membership options and register online. 

Registering for Membership

SMS membership spans one calendar year and begins on January 1st of the year of membership. If you enroll in membership after January 1st, you become an active member once you have completed payment for your membership dues. You will have online access to all current and archived issues of the SMJ, SEJ and GSJ, and if you sign up for printed journals, will receive a copy of all issues published since January 1 of that year.  

For example, 2050 membership is active from January 1, 2050 to December 31, 2050. If you enrolled and completed payment on March 1, 2050 with printed journals, you will receive all issues printed since January 1, 2050 in the mail and all issues until December 31, 2050 and will have online access to the journals starting on March 1, 2050.   

SMS membership spans one calendar year and ends on December 31st of the membership year regardless of the date the membership was purchased.  

Currently we do not have an option to auto renew membership however you can purchase a multi-year membership bundle to save money and avoid processing registration annually.

SMS membership spans one calendar year and begins on January 1st of the year of membership. Check if your membership registration is for the current year or an upcoming year.

No. The portion of your conference registration fees that are allocated to membership dues for the following year of membership will be deducted from your registration fees. 

SMS membership purchases are non-refundable. Please check all terms, benefits, policies, and reimbursement eligbility for your institution prior to making your membership purchase. If you made an error when completing your membership purchase, please contact the SMS Office immediately, or within six business days of purchase.

Membership Eligibility

Individuals may hold SMS student membership for up to 5 years. If you have already been a student member for 5 years, then your 6th year will be as a regular member. Please note that these 5 years do not need to be consecutive. If you have not been a student member for 5 years and are not able to register as a student, please contact the SMS Office at

Please contact the SMS Office to confirm you have been a member of the SMS for at least 10 years. Please keep in mind you must be at least 65 years old. 

While SMS does not have institutional membership, there are several ways in which your firm or school can be involved. 

  • Propose and plan a special conference 
  • Organize a conference extension 
  • Sponsor a member engagement event or an activity at one of our conferences  

If any of these options are of interest to you, please contact the SMS Office at

For SMS membership purposes, students are individuals who are enrolled full-time, in-residence at a PhD granting institution.  

Please send your proof of student status documents by email to the SMS Office at

For the initial year, proof of enrollment from a PhD-granting institution and a confirmation letter from a major professor are required. These items should be emailed to the SMS Office at


If you require a PDF invoice prior to payment then you can create one by opening a registration and selecting “pay offline” from the payment options screen. This will open a page which contains a detailed invoice button. 
If you require a PDF paid invoice after completing payment, you can access your invoice online by signing into your SMS account, navigating to 'myOtherTools' (in the upper right corner), and selecting 'myInvoices&Receipts'. 

Please create your registration and complete the payment, then email the SMS Office at with your request.


From the date your membership becomes active.

Your membership includes online journal access to current and archived issues of the Strategic Management Journal, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, and Global Strategy Journal and SMS’s periodic Virtual Special Issues 

If you are unable to access the online journal articles please make sure that you are first logged into your SMS account on the SMS website. 

For 2022, SMS will offer print journals in limited capacity to current members for an additional charge of $55 for the remainder of the 2022 calendar year. Please contact the SMS Office if you are interested in print copies of the 2022 SMS Journals. The SMS Office will advise members who exceed the printer's capacity.

Beginning in 2023, SMS is working with our publishing partner Wiley for a print-on-demand solution for annual print subscriptions for each SMS Journal. SMS Members interested in this arrangement will purchase print journals through Wiley and receive a discounted rate. 

As a reminder, online access to all three SMS Journal remains a member benefit. Access links are below (you will need to be logged in to your SMS member account to access):

Journals are distributed by our publisher, Wiley. Please allow 7-8 weeks for the delivery of your first journals. 


No, please keep all your membership history in one account. You can update your affiliation and username/primary email in your account settings. 
Sign into the SMS website and select ‘myProfile’ under the ‘myMemberTools’ or ‘myTools’ menu or sign into myProfile here:

If you require assistance, please contact the SMS Office. 

Sign into the SMS website and select ‘myProfile’ under the ‘myMemberTools’ or ‘myTools’ menu or sign into myProfile here:

Photo and bio updates are approved manually by the SMS Office in the order in which they have been submitted. Please allow a few days for your changes to be approved and made live.

Participating in SMS

There are many opportunities to be involved with the Strategic Management Society as a member. Below are some ideas, however this list is by no means exhaustive: 

  • Join the SMS Member Circle, interact with us on social media, or attend a virtual engagement opportunity 
  • Attend a SMS conference, submit a research proposal, or become a conference reviewer  
  • Attend Interest Group and Community events, follow Interest Group and Community emails, or keep an eye out for other opportunities being developed by Interest Groups and Communities 
  • Submit research to an SMS journal, join a journal editorial review board, or keep up to date on the latest journal issues with your online journal access  
  • Interact with SMS Scholars, award winners, and fellows

Try the SMS member Circle, check for opportunities organized by the Interest Groups and Communities, attend the Annual Conference, or find a volunteer opportunity such as reviewing for a conference. 

Visit: The SMS Member Circle is a members-only online community to collaborate and network within SMS! This is a space for SMS members to generate discussion, promote available programs, and advance the field through cooperation.

Most events require prior registration. To register please select the sign-up button and complete the webinar registration page with your information. You will receive an email with the webinar access link when your registration has been approved by the SMS Office.

Interest Groups

Yes, two Interest Groups are included with your SMS membership, and you can add additional Interest Groups for a fee of $10 each. Learn more about the SMS Interest Groups and Communities at

You can change your Interest Group or Community enrollment when renewing your SMS membership. Learn more about the SMS Interest Groups and Communities at

If you have already enrolled in membership and would like to change your Interest Groups or Communities, please email a request to the SMS Office. We can exchange one Interest Group for another or add additional Interest Groups.  

Please note that any additional Interest Groups beyond the two included in your SMS membership require a $10 fee.  


If you are an SMS member, please sign into the SMS website and select ‘myProfile’ under the ‘myMemberTools’ or ‘myTools’ menu or sign into myProfile here: Check your communication settings to be sure you have opt-ed in for the types of emails which you would like to receive.  

Communication preferences options which you will encounter in your profile are:  

  • Receive occasional messages relating to upcoming SMS conferences
  • Receive occasional messages relating to SRF research grant funding activities
  • Receive occasional messages relating to the SMS journals
  •  Receive occasional messages regarding member benefits, virtual sessions, monthly updates, and other activities of the SMS
  •  Receive information on publications, call for proposals, conferences and other information relevant to the field of strategic management, but not associated with the SMS
  •  Receive occasional messages with updates, information, and activities from the SMS Interest Groups and Communities
  •  Do not receive occasional snail mail communication from SMS 

If you have the correct communication opt-ins selected, but still receive no emails, then it is possible that there is an email communication issue between the SMS email server and your email provider. Please contact the SMS Office directly at so that steps can be taken to correct any communications issues.  

Check your communication preferences to make sure you have indicated your interests. Sign into the SMS website and select ‘myProfile’ under the ‘myMemberTools’ or ‘myTools’ menu or sign into myProfile here: